Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Birthday Table

We had the perfect weather for a Phineas & Ferb party theme: Summer!

 This is how we did it:
-White plastic tablecloth from Stoff og Stil
-Napkins, paper plates and cups from Staples
-Paper straws from Etsy/sweet estelle's
-Flowers vases from Home & Cottage and Omaggio/Kähler
-Flowers from the 17 of May decorations, only the yellow roses were new, from Mester Grønn and Meny
-Table-runner is the leftover from the Ikea panel curtain that I used for my bench makeover

The blog Lidyll has a challenge where other blogs share ideas about decorating summer tables.
Check it out {here} maybe you have an idea you want to share too? :)

Have a nice day! The weekend is around the corner...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have You Hear About...

Little boys that don't like cake? not even chocolate cake, muffins, cupcakes... any kind of cake. Well I have one, so when it comes to his birthday cake we have to come with something creative, something that he likes so he can say: I had a birthday cake!

He loves Skillingsboller, (Norwegian Cinnamon Buns) and my husband, that inherited from his mother the taste for baking, always bake them in a 25cm round pan, that way they come out looking like a cake, a Skillingsboller cake! Kake på norsk. :)

The cute mini happy birthday pennant bunting is a free printable form Karas Party Ideas. A lovely web site with very nice ideas. I printed the freebie using Avery's sticker project paper, it is very easy: just cut, bend and attach to a yarn or string. To hold them up I covered two barbecue sticks with a colorful tape from Søstrene Grene.

Love the result and the birthday boy was very happy with his cake. I made cupcakes too. I will show them later in another post.

Thank you so much for asking how my feet are :) I can say that they are looking good and I am very happy that I am done with that period of my life. For my birthday in July I will buy me a nice par of Tom's! :) or maybe two ;)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It is about time!

We have had the most incredible summer days here in Bergen! It has been sunny, fun and exciting with my son's birthday party and big home projects.
I will post pictures soon.

What is really about time is a reunion for blogs here in Bergen. I am so happy to meet again some of the bloggers that I met on my first blog reunion and other bloggers that I have been following  for long time

Thanks to Agnetet Innsidenut, Tone Tonemelonedeisgn & Tonje Foreverlove for the invitation!

Are you coming too?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Printable Bunting Banner

I designed this bunting banner for my son's birthday party using a Phineas and Ferb font and clip art from

Since I guess that there are other Phineas and Ferb's fans out there I wanted to share it with all of you!
Click on each picture to open the link and then tab Ctrl+S to download and save them. Print them in a thick paper. I use one of those sketchbooks for kids size A4. Here in Norway I buy them at Nille.
Make holes in the corners and tide tie them together.

This is the first time I share my own Printable Design so please be kind and let me know if you like my banner or if you have any suggestions. I will really appreciate it!
Stay tune for all my other Phineas and Ferb party ideas. Some of them are inspire from other websites and others are DIY ideas of my own.

Have a nice day! ☼

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summerly Bench

I am finally done with my bench makeover

The Bonde bench is from Ikea (discontinued), for the windows shades I cut four squares from an Ikea panel curtain Anno Strå. For decorations I used two Blomming vases with green Florera sand and green Florera Fin candles in them; two turquoise Blygsam flowerpots, they come as a set of 2, one is low and the other one is high, and the plants are a Succulent and a beautiful red Spathiphyllum, also from Ikea.

Not all is form Ikea ;) My mother is an artist and she painted this beautiful oil paints in the summer of 06 while she was visiting us here in Norway. They are priceless to me.

For chirstmas last year we bought ourself this stylish white Denon RCD-N7
Network Music Receiver where we can play our old cds or listen to radio stations from all over the world. Of course it is most of the time playing colombian radio stations with their salsa and merenge and the boys are learning how to dance.

I am very happy with my bench. It's summerly, fresh and funcional too. 
Before I started with all this I was thinking about changing it but now I in love with it! :)

Do you like?

Monday, May 21, 2012

☼ Sol ☼

It's delightful to enjoy the sun while the painting form the upstairs terrace floor dries!

We need to paint the entire house as well, but I couldn't resist the urge to buy plants to decorate outside.
I just hope they survive being moving from side to side until we finish!

Tomorrow is the day that my older son turns 8 years, we will have a small celebration, but the Piñata will break on Saturday with all his classmates.

Lately I've used PicMonkey to decorate, frame and watermark my pictures. It works great!
Have a nice week!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lego Party

After a raining but nice 17 of may celebration I am back on business planning my son's 8 year birthday party. I have wrote before about this years theme Phineas and Ferb, but I want to share some pictures from last year theme: Lego!

The Lego theme is a must for boys and girls! Colourful, fun and easy because there are a lot of ideas out there. You can put the kids to help with the preparations. My younger son Osk helped me painting green bobblepaper for the table-runner, making it look like a Lego base plate.

I went to the nearest toy store and saved the Lego displays from the garbage! :) It was the perfect decoration material for the party. One of the party games was to put the nose to the Ninjago face. I designed the names of the favors bags using Lego font and printed them on sticker paper, a cool idea and all the boys loved it. And the piñata is a cardboard box cover with yellow silk paper and a funny scared Lego face.

I also designed the birthday bunting banner with Lego font.

While all the guests arrived, the boys enjoyed a bit of the movie Clutch Powers in our TV room. But when the party started they moved to the table and each boy had a Lego coloring book with games and simple challenges.

Another game was to guess how many Lego's duplo where in the glass.

The cute Lego heads are made from big and mini marshmallows, cover with white chocolate (colored yellow).

 Another decorative and practical idea is to use Lego heads storage boxes for popcorn and chips.

Pigs in a blanket is a easy party meal that every kid loves!

I made cupcakes and my hubby made the popular Oreo cake and the decoration was simple with little chocolate Lego minifigure. I made them using minifigure ice cube tray.

An old chest protected by Lego pirates was use to put all the presents for the birthday boy.

At the end all the boys where exiting to hit the piñata!

Do you like? Click {here} and vote for my party: Lego Party!

For a sneak peek of this year party invitations you can visit Living Four Sesons on facebook

If you have questions about the Lego Party I will be happy to answer and help you to plan your party!

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