Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everyday Table Settings

Love is on the details.

We celebrated my hubby´s birthday with a home-made dinner with the special help of our older son. The table decoration was simple: things that we already had at home became meaningful details.

One of best tips for making everyday table settings a bit more special is to always have nice napkins. I like to buy colorful napkins for all occasions - specially if they are on sale, like this fun and festive ones designed by Bloomingville.

Small cups can be use as flower holders. Today I used Design Letters espresso cups to hold this cute succulents and mark my hubby´s age.

The dinner, the decor, the company... this was a perfect table for four!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DIY - cork pen holder

Have you try mandala?, Mindfulness colouring is perfect to relax, concentrate and wake your creative side. You can buy a book or search the internet for free printable pages.

I made this simple but cute pen holder for my boys desk using only two materials: a can and cork tape. Any kind of decor tape can be use to re-purpose glass or cans.

The cork tape if from Panduro. I like the clean modern look of just the cork, but you could paint it, put on a sticker, a ribbon... imagination has not limits! 

I will probably include this idea on this year Christmas workshop. The kids could put some goodies inside the cans and give them to their friends and teachers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wedding Dinner

My dear friend got married to her "King Arthur" last week. It was a sunny day in Oslo surrounded by love and family. Her wishes of having a simple celebration came true but some fabulous details -like her fancy blue BB Manolos, made it even more special. Catered food at the wedding reception was easy to serve and delicious. The decoration she chose for the occasion resembled how comfortable she wanted her guests to feel: grey and white with a touch of green made a relax environment pleasant enough to focus on a good conversations and really loud laughs.

This creative envelope had three functions: cutlery holder, place card and dinner menu.

The best of all? the couple will host a big wedding party in Barcelona in a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Necklace MakeOver - DIY

Give a new life to those old pendant necklaces with leather cord!

I replaced the chains of some of my old pendant necklaces, that had beached and changed color, with leather cord.

You just need to cut the leather cord about the longer you want your necklace to hang and tie the ends. For some of my necklaces I cut double cord and tied the ends on each side so I can regulate how long I want the pendant to hang depending on my outfit.

The leather cord last longer and you can even change the color according to you outfit. I bought my leather cord from Panduro Hobby.

I hope to inspire you with this fashionable DIY idea.

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