Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It it’s a beautiful and sunny day in the land of the fjords.

You are healthy, you are happy, you have a job, a house, you are honest and pay your bills. What else would a person wish for? In my case, I wish I could share a day like this with my family.

My family means everything to me, not only my close family as my parents and my brother - but also my aunts and cousins. As a request from many other countries, they need a visa to come to visit me in Norway. I understand the government that approves this visas has to make crucial decisions to protect the country, but sometimes the government is blinded and these decisions are completely wrong. Unfortunately, we have been affected by one of these “wrong decisions”. Last year my aunt was denied a visa to come and visit us. This weekend, one year and two months after we appealed, we got the “why” my aunt and her grandson are not welcome to Norway. It states that Colombia is a pour country and the risk that they will like to stay in Norway for good is too big. Thank goodness, my family´s hard work is the reason they have a good life in Colombia - so ok that they can afford to take the time off work and pay for an intercontinental plane ticket... They just want to come to visit us for four weeks.

Yes, it it’s a beautiful and sunny day in the land of the fjords, and still, it breaks my heart the realization that my kids may never have the opportunity to share their life in Norway with their Colombian cousins while they are still children, that they may never come to see my house and the country that I love and respect.
Thanks for reading this. I will come back soon with happier posts filled with creativity.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Inspiration

The Norwegian magazine Bolig Pluss liked my Brilliant Idea and I got the best tips stamp and a fancy prize! #iamhappy :)

But what makes me more happy is to see that I have inspired others to make and affordable and easy DIY lamp that can be use in different places.

I was susurprised when I found this pictures on the blog  Ved Siden Av and that she mentioned my name on her blog mean a lot to me.

She has also made two beautiful lamps for her living room. Creativity that I like!

I am preparing more DIY tips that I hope will keep inspiring my readers.
Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glittery Makeover

I just love the glitter paint that we sell at my work.
Beautiful, bright and shiny colors.

After having this cute paint bottles lying around for weeks I decided to used them to give a spring makeover to the mason jars that I bought on Fretex a few years ego.

This are the steps to this easy and colorful DIY.
Pour the paint into the jar and tilt the jar in every way until the paint covers the entire inside.

Place the jar upside down so any excess paint pours out.
The paint takes from 24 to 48 hours to dry, but I couldn't wait that much so I used a hair dryer to fix the paint faster.

And this is the result :)
A glittery pendant lamp,

and sparkly candle holders.

 I used all the colors and they look so magical. I will post more pictures of all my jars.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Geometric and Colors

I bought in Copenhagen this beautiful colorful geometric Themis mobile desing by Clara von Zweigbergk. I immediately thought that my kids would enjoy it in the TV Room.

But my geometric discoveries in Copenhagen didn't stop there; I also found this Ferm Living cushions, half price :), that have a bright graphic print.

Inspired by all the lines and the colors, I made walldecals with a palet of colors that include Fargerike color of the year: Purple.

Everybody in the family is happy with the every day relaxed and colorful style of our everyday TV Room.

Have a nice weekend! For me is a work weekend but I look forward to seat in this sofa saturday night and watch a movie with my hubby.

Time For Contrasting

This beautiful vintage shelf, that I painted black, I bought at the Epla store of my blog-friend Mies Mirakler

I place objects on it that create contrasts with colors and designs that represent different cultures and styles that inspired me.

Love my little vintage shelf, and it is handy to have things on display so I  know where they are when I want to use them.

For more inspiring contrasting check out other entries at the February NIB challenge: Time for Contrasting.

What do you put on your shelves?

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I had a wonderful time with my hubby in beautiful Copenhagen.

 All the tips from Fjellby came really handy since it was my first time there, and I did learn a lot about Copenhagen and the city design history. One of my favorite stores was Hay House.

Now I am doing the final countdown of comments for my 6 give-ways!
I am looking forward to tell you who the winners are :)

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