Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be Happy!

This week I attended my first reunion with other interior blogs from my area. Thanks to Fabelaktige Maia, who contact us, and to ElleMell, who invited us to Atelie2w in Alvøen and prepared a delicious food and fabulous cupcakes.

The conversation was, of course, blog related. It was interesting to know the different points of view and backgrounds of each blogger.
Totally unexpected, Maia surprise us with a smashing salad bowl from Eva Solo to each of us in a beautiful pastel blue color.

I had the opportunity to say hello to Lang RekkeFruehuset, LillPastillDuse Pasteller, LadyLouise (a former colleague of mine) and Mies Mirakler who had a nice surprise for me! I won one of hers giveaways, this beautiful vase from Holme Gaard.

And the reason of all reasons for me to Be happy: my parents got the visa to come to Norway! This summer will be super special for the whole family. Everything would be perfect if UDI also approve the visas for my aunt and my cousin. I am going to call them this week.

Let the party begin!
The last time my parents came to Norway we were living in a two bedroom apartment but now we have a nice house with 5 bedrooms. They are going to see it for the first time and enjoy it with their grandchildren.
I have to make the guestroom ready for them!
Pictures will come

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surprise Baby Shower

My friend MJ surprise baby shower!

We were in total 10 girl-friends planing the event. Everyone collaborated with something so we had a  big buffet with tapas, cake, cupcakes, a delicious punch, nice flowers and decorations with the theme: Rain!

I design all the paper decorations with inspiration from Lisa Storms.
The theme rain is gender neutral, but we know that MJ is expecting a baby girl so we added pink details.

Small clouds and umbrellas to drinking straws and raindrops to napkins rings.

A big cloud uro with raindrops.

We had a few presents for the mom to be.
I made the diaper cake that was full of essentials for a newborn and two bunting banners with the names of the baby and her big sister.

I will share the templates that I use for this decorations as soon as I get back my own computer.
The computer I am using now is new, but it is borrow.

If you have questions or want any help please let me know!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Close Up & Award

A close up to my beautiful turquoise blue vase from Åhléns goes perfect with the presentation of the blog awards that I had the fortune to receive! It makes me so happy and I don't have enough words to say:
Thank yu very much.
This blogs are really inspiring in family life, interior, creative ideas and everyday stuff.
I am a faithful follower :)


The blogs I do like to give the award to are:

I enjoy this blogs very much and I think they are really worth to visit.
Remember that it is completely voluntary to join in on the award.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Dinner with Friends

The 13 is my lucky number. I do believe that it is a number that bring me energy, positive energy :)
So I was so happy that this friday 13 was my turn to host FDF, (Friday Dinner with Friends) at my house.

My husband made a delicious Ginger Chili Chicken, rice and salad. My job was to decorate the table and entertain the guests.

After a colourful Easter and because the day was grey and rainy I was inspired to bring nature tones: white, brown and green. 

One of our guest was a pretty little girl and no matter how the wheater is outside she lives in a pink world, so she got serve on a colourful Rise plate and cup. 

All the kids had a little treasure hidden on their napkins.

Have a nice weekend  and remember:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Is...

This summer is going to be 11 years since I move to Norway to be with the love of my life. I don't have regrets, but that quote that says "Home is where your heart is" got a new meaning. My heart is where my family is and I have family all over: USA, Canada, Venezuela, Panama, England, France, Germany and Colombia.

Today my parents are in Bogota requesting for the Schengen Visa so they can come visit us this summer. That means that today my heart is at the Swedish Embassy too and I am praying that they will get the visa without any problems. For me it is impossible not to think it's my fault, I'm the one who put my parents thru this process so they can come and spend 4 weeks with their grandchildren. It is more easy for us to travel to Colombia, but what is the point to work hard and buy a house if they don't come to visit us and share with us our Norwegian life.

The same goes to all the members of my family in Colombia. Last year my aunt and her grandson couldn't came to visit us for christmas and that broke my heart in million pieces. Their visa was denied by UDI because in UDI's eyes there were not good reasons to demonstrate that they were going back to Colombia. Off course they were going back and we are still waiting answer to our appeal.

So Mami and Papi: me, Gus, Dan & Osk, my parents-in-law and all my friends are sending positive energy to you today. Home is where the most important part of your life is.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Adicta al Color del2

My Workspace. It is where I gather elements of inspiration. The table is a Malm make-up table from Ikea with a practical tray for storage. It is usually a mess: the camera, glue, tape, scissors, keys ... etc ... everything goes on the table, but for my second contribution to the NIB challenge COLOUR ADDICT, I picked up my mess so you can appreciate the bamboo contact plastic from Panduro that I put under the glass. Colourful and nice :)

 The magazine clippings are inspiration for the garden.

More colourful contributions can be found HERE!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Table

Beautiful yellow and turquoise Easter table decoration.

I love my new vase from Åhlens

The napkins are from Ikea and the little yellow eggs and eggs holder are from Home & Cottage.

Tomorrow we are going to Living, and maybe, just maybe we are coming back with a new dinner table and two chairs for the boys.

I have so much to be thankful for! I have to write a big thank you post to every one that have support me and help me to create Living Four Seasons.

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