Thursday, November 29, 2012

Advent 2012

We are getting ready for this years Advent. I stated yesterday inviting to my home my sweet friend D. who helped me to make new pillow cases for my living room with the beautiful Ikea fabric Margareta.

The pillow cases came out really cute but I will show them in a new post.

Our advent candle holder this year is from Kremmerhuset. I think it is atmospheric because it can be use all year adding decorations from each season or occasion.

I've decorated it with mushrooms that I bought in the store Den Franske Landstil, they are from Bloomingville, and inside with some pine cones and the cute houses I bought last year also in Kremmerhuset.

I have probably visit your blog this days but I definity have to make more time for leaving comments. I will try to be more effective on that because it is always nice to read feed backs.
Thanks for visiting Living Four Seasons.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Table Decorations

I picked up some pictures from last year Christmas dinner that I hosted for my friends.

The table decorations where simple to have enough space for 12 girls that enjoyed a good time, good food and a lot to chat about for hours.

Black, white and silver glitter where the colors of the evening, with pine cones and tree branches for a nature touch.

I always decorate my home the first day of December. The lights of the Christmas tree and the shine of the decorations helps me to survive during one of the darkest month of the year in Norway.

I will try to show one picture of my home every day until December 24.
Are you going to have a Christmas calendar in your blog?

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Merry Little

This are pictures from our last year Christmas tree.

 White and silver were the colors of the Christmas of 2011.

The idea of ​​putting the tree in a basket makes it a little cozy.
My basket is from Home and Cottage.
I made bows for each branch with a glitter ribbon from Panduro.

I hope you like my pictures and maybe get inspire.

Have a nice Friday :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Brilliant Idea

This is my new bedside lamp.

I got the idea from different magazines and blogs, but for this version I used materials from my job Clas Ohlson, except the painting for the console that is from Ikea.

My hubby help me to made a little modification to add the plug and walla! A cute console lamp.

This are the materials I used following by the links so you can check them out.

Bulb Socket with fabric drawn wire (they have more colors at the stores)

 Have you make your own lamp? Share your links with me :)
Happy new week

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


From the fabulous goodiebag that Maia put together for us we got many nice surprises. My favorite is this candle holder from Kremmerhuset. I love the detail of the reindeer inside the glass.
It is so cute and puts me in a Christmas mood.

The rest of the decorations on my sofa table are: a silver plate from Mester Grønn, candle glasses from Tine K and Morocco style candle holders also from Kremmerhuset. The little house is from Home & Cottage and the plants are a little olive, a corokia and a mini orchid.

I had some pine cones from last year, but I got new ones from last weekend road trip with Veronika, that very kindly stopped on our way home so I could pick up some in a forest. The give from nature!

To see that all this different elements create an atmosphere that I can enjoy while seating in my sofa relaxes me. During the night the candle lights are the "kos" against the darkens.
Kos is Norwegian for cozy.

With this post I am entering NIB November challenge: Kos.
Click {here} to visit their new website and enjoy other inspirational entries.

Fabulous Gathering

Thanks for the fabulous Maia we, (47 Norwegian interior bloggers), had an amazing weekend in Stavanger.
She manage to put together a whole day full of surprises.


 We visit the store Den Franske Landstil where we got the VIP treatment: champagne, apple muffins, chocolates, fashion show, good times Christmas music, 30% discount in the in the whole store and a dreamy goodiebag.


 During the evening we got together in restaurant in down town Stavanger for tapas, cava, gratis champagne and we had more time to get to know each other. In my table I enjoyed the company of Lill, Elisabeth, Hilde, Michelle and Birgit.

 I couldn't have a better partner in crime than Veronika. We had a really fun road trip from Bergen - Stavanger - Bergen! Thank you so much ♥

I am soon ready for Christmas!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31

I got sick so the Halloween party was cancel. At least the kids were happy when they came home from school and saw the decorations I put up for them. After dinner, scary pasta, they had fun dancing Michael Jackson Thriller at their hip-hop class.

My son Dan (8) made the pumpkin for the doorbell. It was his idea.

No body came trick or treat so we have sweets enough for the weekend.

And talking about the weekend...
From orange Halloween to red and green Christmas!
I am going to Moi, outside Stavanger, with 46 other lady's that blog about interior in Norway.
We are going to visit the store Den Franske Landstil

It is a nice social event to welcome winter season and the Holiday's in style.
I will blog more about this!

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