Monday, June 2, 2014

The Beauty and The Beast

Last winter we made room in our master bedroom for a vanity corner. I gor the perfect opportunity to combine 2 elements in this room -"the beauty and the beast": the beauty is this easy and trendy DIY decoration for the mirror. The TV is the beast: sometimes I wish we didn't have it, but since we are addicted to some TV-series, this is somehow a "must"

My husband was in charge to hang the TV on the wall and my job was to decorate the vanity corner.

I was thinking what kind of mirror should l get there and I had no doubt about how it had to look. The original designer-mirror had a price that didn't match my budget, so I had to do something about it. The round mirror from IKEA was perfect for my project. I “framed” it with two belts to create the designer trendy look.

The lightning around the mirror was the tricky part but I found inspiration on another trendy style and made a hanger out of cooper tubes from Clas Ohlson for the lamp.

The lamp is also from Clas Ohlson, but I painted with cooper paint to make it pop! I was inspired by the Urban Jungle Bloggers and I put a plant on my bedroom - I love the heart shape leaves.

My husband made my wish come true painting the wall with a very nice Green Cooper color from Clas Ohlson. I ejoy the contrast the green and the brown and colors that pop like the yellow and coral from this HAY trays. The cute pyramid is from Annaleena Design.

I had so much fun doing this make over that took me several months.

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