Monday, July 9, 2012


During my mother's stay in Norway we break with some of our normal routines.

The bread that we eat normally for breakfast is changed for a corn flour arepa (Colombian tortilla) and the coffee machine is changed for a delicious Colombian instant coffee.

Because the summer in Norway is very unstable, as soon as we see a ray of sunshine we move outside to enjoy a free break in our new patio.

With this post I am participating in the challenge of NIB: FRIMINUTT.
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Have a nice Monday!


  1. Herligt!!! :-) Håper dere koser dere max!!
    Ha en flott sommer!! Kom gjerne innom å delta på min sommergiveaway! :-)

  2. Nice contribution! In the Netherlands we have exactly the same .. unstable weather. Once here the sun shines, we also run into the garden :-)

  3. Så herlig.
    Håper du koser deg masse med besøk.
    Vakre bilder, håper å få se mer av uteområdet ditt etterhvert.

    Fin ny uke til deg!
    - AC

  4. Kos deg med besøk, sååå herlig!:))

    Kjempefine bilder!
    God klem JannePannes:))


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