Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Kind Of Décor

My kind of décor is free style all the way. Not only "Do It Yourself" but "Finding Yourself". If you have a project pining ideas on Pinterest is a great tool, but if you are also following amazing creative people you can get confuse.

One of the creative people I follow is Lisa Reid Mjaavatten. I have followed her blog Roomdesing, Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards ever since I started my blog and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and recently attend one of hers Interior Courses at Urdihuset.

Lisa is a New Zealander Interior Designer living in Bergen. She has a very unique style and working with her you can find your kind of décor, one that reflects your personality not matter if you are following trends or like a special designer.

During the course she talked about how to pick up the best color for a room and that gave me the best idea that I needed for a make over project I am going to work on this weekend.

If you are thinking on attend any interior course I have two advices:
1. Bring it on! Ask all the questions you can.
2. Your style is yours and people may love it or hate it but don't degrade your own style for the sake of others.

Here is a post by Lisa about her Masterclass.


  1. Thanks for your wonderful post on my Interior courses Vicky!! I'm looking forward to seeing your creative results in your living room soon:-)
    -Hugs Lisa

  2. So much fun!
    Thank you for sharing!:)

    Have a happy sunday, sweetie!

    Klem fra meg

  3. så spennende!
    jeg elsker å bruke pinterest, perfekt måte å samle inspo til oppussing:)
    Gleder meg til å se hvordan resultatet i stuen din blir:)
    Ønsker deg en super ny uke
    klem Cathrine

  4. Endelig fikk jeg tittet innom deg! Takk dine besøk og fine ord:)

    Så artig med kurs da. Skal se om jeg ikke får sjekket litt mer ut hva det er! :)
    Nydelig header forresten! :)

    Ønsker deg en strålende uke!


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