Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Blog Party

Last Friday I hosted a summer blog party with five lovely and creative lady's from my area. It was and afternoon filled with good food, that my hubby prepared for us, drinks, surprises and a lot of laughing!

You know you are having a good time when you forget to take pictures and just want to enjoy yourself. That happened to me, that is why I only have the "before pictures".

We had to stay indoors because of the bad weather, but I wanted to have the feeling that we were outdoors and came out with the idea of hanging party lights and pompons in the ceiling. Cute!
The party lights are from Clas Ohlson and the pompoms from Søstrene Grenes.

The table seating was simple with white and mint colors. The napkins and the cube candle holder are from Clas Ohlson, the blue tealight holders from Tine K and the paper straws from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply.

We had a really good time 😊 Thank you, lady's, for coming.

On the next post I will show you what my hubby made for dinner.
I hope you have a great week!


  1. Så gøy:)
    Kjenner igjen problematikken, når en har det gøy og glemmer å ta bilder:)
    Takk for omtanke.

  2. Veldig koselig å bli invitert!! Tusen takk for en flott aften, nydelig mat og hyggelige damer! :) Klem til deg Vicky! Må gjentas igjen!!! .)

  3. var veldig koselig!:)
    ha en nydelig sommer:)
    klem ellemell

  4. what a great idea with the lights in the ceiling! Really made the summer feeling :)

    Have a wonderful day!
    - Ingrid

  5. Kan tenke meg dere koste dere ilag,så gøy❤

  6. Så koselig, og så lekkert dekket!!

  7. Jeg storkoste meg! Herlig selskap! Og så lover jeg at jeg tar med minst to gaver til neste pakkelek. :flau:


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