Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Add The Occasion

Ice cream and brownies before dinner for the kiddos! Whats the occasion? It is Friday and a free school day!

The kids were home from school and I wanted to surprise them with some goodies and what a perfect occasion to try this ice cream hack idea that I saw on Pinterest.

Instead of serving ice cream in a typical bowl I made brownies in a cupcake pan. I filled each cup about two-thirds full and put another cupcake pan on the top. Remember to spray the pans with cooking spray if you are going to try it.

I put the pans in the oven following the brownie recipe instructions. 
The brownies bowls are ready to use after the pans are completely cool.

Our favorite ice cream is cookie dough and here in Norway Diplom-Is has a yummy Yogurt Ice Cream Dream Cookie Dough!

The kids loved it! Easy to serve and fun to eat.


  1. Wow, så lurt!
    Og det så skikkelig, skikkelig godt ut:)
    Fine bilder også - lykke til:)

  2. det såg herleg ut!!!!! Lukka til i utfordringa og god helg!

  3. Ser fantastisk ut! Og så lurt! Ungene hadde elsket dette.

  4. Mmmm for en fristelse en slapp søndag! Tusen tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar i utfordringa og beklager mitt pinlig sene svar, men jeg strekker visst ikke helt til for tiden. Bedre sent enn aldri, hva? Håper du har en fin første søndag i advent! Lina


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