Thursday, June 13, 2013

Batman Birthday Party

When boys are 9 years old they know what they want to do and play during their birthday parties. This year my son Daniel wanted to be and play like his favorite super hero: Batman.

The hero-adventure started with me going out to two different parts of the city searching for Batman party supplies. But I found NADA! So I had to put my favorite costume on: DIY Mom!
The only things I finally bought were plain cups and plates, the balloons where a gift from my local toy store! and with the help of Pinterest I got a lot of practical ideas.

To decorate the cups I printed the Batman logo that I found on the blog The Mathews Family Happenings on Avery's sticker project paper, pasted on the cups and with a white marker I wrote the name of each guest. For the Batman masks I used {this} template and I put crayons on the table so the boys could decorate them as well as Batman coloring pages.

My biggest project for this party was the Gothic City background witch I made inspired by the blogger Mom and the Blonds. I made my using cardboard boxes that I collected at work. I painted some in blue for the sky and the rest in black after I cut out the building shapes. For the yellow windows I printed out yellow squares in the Avery sticker project paper and pasted them on the black painted cardboard. We used the Gothic background for a fun photo-shoot.

The Super hero food for this party was hamburgers and my son´s favorite birthday cake: Skillingsboller Kake; {here} you can read more about this special cake.

I also made Super hero Popcorn holders using a very funny comic page that I found in Papergreat. I printed the page in black and white, rolled it and secured it with tape. The boys loved this idea and I am sure I am going to used it again. Funny enough, after eating all the popcorn they all tried to read the content of the page.

Wow! It was a really fun party and there is only one week for the next one!
Which Super Hero is going to help me this time?


  1. Så stiligt,kjempe flotte tips:)

    Ha en fin dag!
    Klem Siv Mette

  2. Så fantastisk fest du har ordnet - WOW!! Kjempeimponert over dine kreative påfunn: Maskene, tegneserie-popkornet og den skylinen! Superkult!!

  3. Åååå så fantastisk flott laga til,så flinke du:))du er så kreativ!
    Masker,mat,pynt ja alt!
    Nyt dagen!
    Klem fra Lillian

  4. Fantastisk flot og gennemført Vicky!! Sikke en fest!!

  5. Såå flink du er til å ordne til Vicky:)
    Ser du til å ha vært en råkul bursdag!!
    Herlig torsdag og god helg til deg...

    Klem Annelise

  6. Amazing job! Everything looks so good!

  7. Så utrolig kul bursdag!!
    Flink du er:))
    Tipper han var temmelig stolt ja!

  8. Wow ! Heldige Daniel som har en så kreativ mor :)

    God helg

  9. Så utrolig flink du er, det ble jo superkult :)

  10. hola, Vicky
    så utrolig stilig du har laga til for guttungen din.
    heldige han! :)

    takk for hilsen inne hos meg forresten,
    har svart deg angående taklampene der

    klem fra

  11. Uuuutrolig kult lagd :)
    Så mange gode tips, skal huske dem alle til en anledning :)
    Du er flink!
    Ha en fin kveld!

  12. Du er så FLINK! Håper jeg blir like flink når jeg blir mor! ♥


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