Thursday, June 27, 2013

Special Tray

Do you have a special tray? One of those trays where you set display some nice things? a tray you like to decorate with different candle holders or vases on the dinner table? or maybe a tray you want to fill with beautiful flowers in the sofa table? I was looking for a special tray for the kitchen in different interior stores and it happened that I had it all the time and didn't know it!

Cleaning some kitchen drawers I found an old round pizza tray. We haven't use since my hubby started making square pizzas, and when I saw it... "pling!" an idea came to mind. With only a slight coat of black paint after l polished it, Voila!... I got a fancy tray that I could put on the dinner table or the kitchen counter, and where I can group kitchen essentials like salt, olive oil, sauces, etc... Beautiful and practical!

In my tray I have right now this cute green plant that my younger son brought from school, (I don't know what kind is it!, do you?), an Ikea bright yellow napkin holder that I got from my friend Silvia, a stylish and practical Eva Solo porcelain mortar and Jme products that I got from Amundsen Special at the Sommerkos in Haugesund.

I like to buy beautiful new things but reusing is more fun! Like decorating with this piece of wood from my hubby's grandparents backyard and the old wood chopping board that I got from a friend. Together they make a cool contrast to the black tray and the rest of the kitchen.

P.S. My next post is going to be a bit "greener" that this one!


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