Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY & Budget

This is the result of an idea that you can say: started in the bathroom.. hihihihi...
I've got my boys to help me collect toilet paper rolls, I was thinking to create wall art like I have seen in Pinterest. Nice decoration ideas for everyone budget and a very good recycling idea!

 The result is this chain. I wanted to make it easy with out using glue or paint and thought about using just tape for color it and to put them together.
I cut the rolls using the same width of the tape. The tape I use is markeringstape from Søstrene Grene, (that cost from nok 1,22). Put the tape on the paper leaving a tab and roll it around. Use the tab to assure and form a ring. Now do the same with another color but before assuring pass it thru your first ring.

Do you like it?


  1. Yes I like it. Nice and simple, and it does good on pictures. :)

    Good luck.
    Feel free to join my little lottery if you want to. :)

    Do you prefer norwegian or english comments..? :)

  2. Så stas at du hang deg på utfordringen min! HUrra!*smile*

    ...nå er det ikke lenge til finalistene presenteres hos meg, og avstemmingen begynner...håper du titter innom og stemmer frem den du ønsker skal vinne*smile*

    Ønsker deg en herlig dag og helg!
    Klem til deg


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