Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabelaktig Konkurranse: Your Best Interior Picture

One of the pictures that I took during 2011 Christmas dinner that I host for my girlfriends is between Fabelaktig's 10 favorites photo competition:
Your best interior picture/Ditt beste interiørbilde

I am extremely happy about this because behind this photo were twelve fabulous girlfriends of mine getting ready to enjoy a delicious dinner that me and my husband prepared with great care and because there were more than 300 contributions to Maias competition.

Ønsker alle deltakerne lykke til!

Update here: I won - Jeg vant - Yo gané ♥


  1. Gratulerer så mye!!! Veldig moro!
    klem Hege

  2. Gratulerer så mye med vinnerbildet! Flott bilde!

    Ønsker deg en flott kveld
    Klem Tonje


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