Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have You Hear About...

Little boys that don't like cake? not even chocolate cake, muffins, cupcakes... any kind of cake. Well I have one, so when it comes to his birthday cake we have to come with something creative, something that he likes so he can say: I had a birthday cake!

He loves Skillingsboller, (Norwegian Cinnamon Buns) and my husband, that inherited from his mother the taste for baking, always bake them in a 25cm round pan, that way they come out looking like a cake, a Skillingsboller cake! Kake på norsk. :)

The cute mini happy birthday pennant bunting is a free printable form Karas Party Ideas. A lovely web site with very nice ideas. I printed the freebie using Avery's sticker project paper, it is very easy: just cut, bend and attach to a yarn or string. To hold them up I covered two barbecue sticks with a colorful tape from Søstrene Grene.

Love the result and the birthday boy was very happy with his cake. I made cupcakes too. I will show them later in another post.

Thank you so much for asking how my feet are :) I can say that they are looking good and I am very happy that I am done with that period of my life. For my birthday in July I will buy me a nice par of Tom's! :) or maybe two ;)



  1. Så søt!
    Den ble jo kjempe fin!
    Flink du er :)
    klem fra Silje

  2. Bollekake, why not? Makes perfect sense! :) Her i huset er vi bolleelskere av rang og de bergenske skillingsbollene er jo i særstilling da :) Ha en finfin onsdagskveld :) Klemmer

  3. Mhhhh så god den så ut;) fine bursdags bilder;) fin kveld!

  4. Så bra du er frisk igjen :)
    Skillingsboller er såå deilig!

    Fin kveld til deg, søte.

  5. Så flott du er på beina igjen.
    Herlig fargerik skillingsbollekake, kreativt.
    Tusen takk for alle koselige kommentarer du legger igjen hos meg.

    Fin kveld til deg!
    - AC

  6. Heisann, for eit flott bord du har dekka til barneselskapet! Herlige farger. Tusen takk for koselig kommentar på bloggen min. Har lagt meg til som følger hos deg også :) Klem Kjersti


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