Friday, May 25, 2012

Printable Bunting Banner

I designed this bunting banner for my son's birthday party using a Phineas and Ferb font and clip art from

Since I guess that there are other Phineas and Ferb's fans out there I wanted to share it with all of you!
Click on each picture to open the link and then tab Ctrl+S to download and save them. Print them in a thick paper. I use one of those sketchbooks for kids size A4. Here in Norway I buy them at Nille.
Make holes in the corners and tide tie them together.

This is the first time I share my own Printable Design so please be kind and let me know if you like my banner or if you have any suggestions. I will really appreciate it!
Stay tune for all my other Phineas and Ferb party ideas. Some of them are inspire from other websites and others are DIY ideas of my own.

Have a nice day! ☼


  1. Så flink og kreativ du er,de var jo kjempefine:)
    Ønske deg ein flott solrik dag:))
    Klem fra Lillian!

  2. Kjempetøft! Så flink du er.. Fikk en ide til barnerommet vårt jeg nå:) Takk!

  3. Så flink du er Vicky!! Takk for at du deler det!!

  4. Så flink du er Vicky!! Takk for at du deler det!!

  5. Så KUL den var!!
    Stor atas tenker jeg:)

    Ha en fin fin kveld ♥

  6. Så snill du er som deler :)

    Jeg har flyttet bloggen min og håper du vil følge meg her inne

    Jeg håper du har hatt en finfin pinse og at du har hatt sol og varme.

    Stor og god klem

  7. Sees på fredag! ;)

    Ha en fin uke frem til da.

  8. knalltøff banner du har laget:-)

  9. Veldig fin banner :) Du er kreativ!

  10. Har du laget disse? Jeg burde vel egentlig ikke være overrasket - du er utrolig kreativ:)
    Kjempefine - du er flink!
    Og takk for at du legger ut og deler:)

  11. Det ble kjempe tøft! Jeg håper vi får inn litt andre temaer her i huset enn Lynet og prinsesser. :humre:

  12. I know this post is pretty old but I have been searching for printables for my sons 6th birthday. He wants a Phineas and Ferb party. I was excited when I found your post. I was able to print pages 1-7 but page 8 (Phineas and Ferb)won't let me print it. Can you help me? Thanks!

    1. Hei Emily! happy to help :)
      Try this link...
      Let me know if it works!

      Do you have instagram? tagg me if to see your party! @livingfourseason


    2. or maybe this one...


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