Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glittery Makeover

I just love the glitter paint that we sell at my work.
Beautiful, bright and shiny colors.

After having this cute paint bottles lying around for weeks I decided to used them to give a spring makeover to the mason jars that I bought on Fretex a few years ego.

This are the steps to this easy and colorful DIY.
Pour the paint into the jar and tilt the jar in every way until the paint covers the entire inside.

Place the jar upside down so any excess paint pours out.
The paint takes from 24 to 48 hours to dry, but I couldn't wait that much so I used a hair dryer to fix the paint faster.

And this is the result :)
A glittery pendant lamp,

and sparkly candle holders.

 I used all the colors and they look so magical. I will post more pictures of all my jars.


  1. What a great idea! I love the Norgesglass, and I've also made that kind of lamp, but without the paint! You can see my jars in my blog :-D


  2. Me encantó esta idea!!!

  3. Så fint det ble.
    Herlige fargeklatter.
    Har lyst på sånn norgesglasslampe jeg og,
    får se om jeg får lagd det en dag.

    Fin kveld til deg!
    - AC

  4. Så flott! Du er dyktig Vicky! :-)
    Ha en finfin kveld!

  5. just so beautiful Vicky! I want that glitter... don't know if I can get it here.

  6. Wow - they look gorgeous, love the candle holder! Lovely blog - now following! x Michelle

  7. Que lindas! siempre he querido hacer unas así :)


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