Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It it’s a beautiful and sunny day in the land of the fjords.

You are healthy, you are happy, you have a job, a house, you are honest and pay your bills. What else would a person wish for? In my case, I wish I could share a day like this with my family.

My family means everything to me, not only my close family as my parents and my brother - but also my aunts and cousins. As a request from many other countries, they need a visa to come to visit me in Norway. I understand the government that approves this visas has to make crucial decisions to protect the country, but sometimes the government is blinded and these decisions are completely wrong. Unfortunately, we have been affected by one of these “wrong decisions”. Last year my aunt was denied a visa to come and visit us. This weekend, one year and two months after we appealed, we got the “why” my aunt and her grandson are not welcome to Norway. It states that Colombia is a pour country and the risk that they will like to stay in Norway for good is too big. Thank goodness, my family´s hard work is the reason they have a good life in Colombia - so ok that they can afford to take the time off work and pay for an intercontinental plane ticket... They just want to come to visit us for four weeks.

Yes, it it’s a beautiful and sunny day in the land of the fjords, and still, it breaks my heart the realization that my kids may never have the opportunity to share their life in Norway with their Colombian cousins while they are still children, that they may never come to see my house and the country that I love and respect.
Thanks for reading this. I will come back soon with happier posts filled with creativity.


  1. Er lei meg på deres vegne. Systemet er ute å kjører på maaaaange plan... Veldig synd - man vi får desverre ikke gjort noe med det....
    Ønsker dere lykke til videre med søking av visa.
    Mange klemmer fra meg til deg

  2. I am very sorry to hear Vicky! We heard very sad stories here with Spain (we do not need VISA but when Spain was living their "bubblle" they took the right to avoid elderly people to visit their family there...), USA, etc...
    As you said, it is the right of every country, but many times they do not understand of heart and family reasons... Beso grande

  3. Er så lei meg på deres vegne. Av og til er ting så urettferdig, og man kan jo begynne å lure!
    Lykke til videre. Håper det gjerne ordner seg..

    Klemmer til deg

  4. Qué tristeza Vicky! Te entiendo y me da mucha angustia! yo me muero, ME MUERO si no me dejan ir a visitar a mi hermana a Miami.
    un besote

  5. Trist lesning...håper det ordner seg, og at du får besøk av dine kjære:)
    Klem til deg!


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