Friday, March 15, 2013

Every Time We Meet

Hver gang vi møtes (meaning Every Time We Meet in Norwegian) is a reality television show broadcast on the norwegian channel TV 2 , where 7 artists sing their songs to celebrate each other's carriers.

ABELS KVELD: Lene Marlin (med ryggen til) hadde kveldens beste tolkning da Morten Abels (nr. to fra høyre) låter hadde hovedrollen i «Hver gang vi møtes» på TV2. Foto: Øistein Norum Monsen / DAGBLADET
Via Dagbladet
This seasons I didn't enjoy only the music, but also the decoration! I totally fell for their mason jar pendant lamps and I had to make my own!.

I did show you before how I painted my jars with glitter color and now I will tell you how easy is to make a pendant lamp with a mason jar or a norgesglass with an aluminum ring.

I used:
Tubular Bulb you can use any size that fits in your jar.
Lamp Lead E14

First cut the blank plate to fit the size of the aluminum ring and then cut it through the middle making a hole large enough to fit the lamp holder.
After taken the lamp holder through the hole paste the plate to the aluminum ring securing the lamp holder. When the glue dries screw the bulb, screw the jar and hang it where ever you want!

I hope you like my lamps and my short tutorial. I will appreciate comments and opinions.


  1. Is the blank plate made of hard paper? Where to buy it?

    1. Hei! It is a plastic plate normally use to cover non use electrical instalations. It is solgt at any hardware store.


  2. Fine lamper! De hadde dem faktisk på tv-programmet i fjor også, om jeg ikke husker helt feil. Supert at du deler hvordan du gikk frem for å lage dem! :)

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and adding yourself as a follower, I have returned the gesture :). You have a lovely blog. I have lived as an expatriate too, I spent 15 years living in Brunei and the Middle East, I only wish I knew about blogging then. I only started my blog when I returned to New Zealand a few years ago.

    I will spend some more time looking around your lovely blog.

    Lee :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving such a sweet comment Vicky! It is supercool how you made your glass pendant lamps! I'm not sure I could do it too, but I'd love to give it a try... :-) Thanks for sharing and I'm definitely going to read more here on your cute blog, looks great!
    Love, Inge x

  5. Ohlalalala! Du er så flink og inspirerende!


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