Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peace In The Home

So you come home with beautiful flowers or a cute plant but don't find a pot that fits!

That happened to me yesterday! I was hoping to put this cute peace-in-the-home plant in a a glass pot, but the pot was too small.

Then I remembered this DIY that is so easy that for me is like old school. Back to basics.

The only materials are baking paper and any kind of ribbon. Cut the paper the size you need and then wrap it around the plant!

My peace-in-the-home is going to live here, cute?

Have a nice day!


  1. This is very nice, a great idea!!

  2. Compartimos premio a través de Littlefew y por eso te hemos descubierto. Nos ha encantado tu blog, tienes cosas muy bonitas e interesantes, te seguimos :)

  3. No solo sencillo, ademas hermoso!! Que toque distinguido le da un simple papel!!!

    Felicitaciones!! me encanto!!

  4. F I N T !
    Husefred er så søte, og spesielt slik du har dandert deres ♥
    Fin dag til fine du :)


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