Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Easter

Our home made Easter decorations are up!

The paint dries super fast in this clay so we hang the decorations immediately!

I hope you like my tip and let me know if you decide to try it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Ideas

Easter is around the corner! If you are still looking for DIY to do with the family here is a sweet and easy one!
If you have a Clas Ohlson near your in Norway, Sweden, Finland or UK here is the list of materials you can buy there, but you can also get them at any hobby store.


Cut and print

Make a hole if you want to hang them

We are going to use some of them as name holders for Easter brunch!

Wait until they dry

When the boys come home from school we are going to paint them and I will blog the final product! :

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marrakech Dream

This month Fabelaktig Maia wants to know your dream destination!
My dream destination is Marrakech.

I first fell in love with me their ceramics designs, lamps and tables, but now I want to learn more about the culture, the food, the people... etc...

Peace In The Home

So you come home with beautiful flowers or a cute plant but don't find a pot that fits!

That happened to me yesterday! I was hoping to put this cute peace-in-the-home plant in a a glass pot, but the pot was too small.

Then I remembered this DIY that is so easy that for me is like old school. Back to basics.

The only materials are baking paper and any kind of ribbon. Cut the paper the size you need and then wrap it around the plant!

My peace-in-the-home is going to live here, cute?

Have a nice day!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Desafío Blad: Estilo Escandinavo del2

Con esta foto de mi Ikea hack voy a entrar mi segunda colaboración para el desafío de Blad. Aquí está el post original en el que se pueden ver más detalles sobre este mueble que tiene un lugar especial en mi corazón. En este espacio yo he combinado madera, blanco y azul. Los candelabros turquesa con las velas amarillas anuncian la llegada de la pascua.
With this picture of my Ikea hack I am entering my second collaboration for the challenge of Blad. Here is the original post where you can see more details about this furniture that has a special place in my heart. In this space I have combined wood, white and blue. The turquoise candlesticks with yellow candles announce the arrival of Easter.

Espero que les guste!
Hay muchos diseñadores escandinavos, pero Ikea es versátil y presenta opciones para cada tipo de situación económica ;) Tienen usted un Ikea cerca?
Hope you like it! There are many Scandinavian designers, but Ikea is versatile and presents options for each type of economic situations ;) Do you have an Ikea near you?.

Long Distance

My family in Colombia recently celebrated the 98 birthday of my maternal grandmother. I also celebrated it here in Norway with my boys and good friends.

For this special occasion I decorated with pompons and made 49 cupcakes! We sang happy birthday to her via Skype and blow the candles in her honor and we wished that we can celebrate her another birthday next to her in my beautiful Colombia.

We tasted Hot Chocolate on a stick from Nille. A new favorite :) Delicious!

Wish you all a happy week!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Every Time We Meet

Hver gang vi møtes (meaning Every Time We Meet in Norwegian) is a reality television show broadcast on the norwegian channel TV 2 , where 7 artists sing their songs to celebrate each other's carriers.

ABELS KVELD: Lene Marlin (med ryggen til) hadde kveldens beste tolkning da Morten Abels (nr. to fra høyre) låter hadde hovedrollen i «Hver gang vi møtes» på TV2. Foto: Øistein Norum Monsen / DAGBLADET
Via Dagbladet
This seasons I didn't enjoy only the music, but also the decoration! I totally fell for their mason jar pendant lamps and I had to make my own!.

I did show you before how I painted my jars with glitter color and now I will tell you how easy is to make a pendant lamp with a mason jar or a norgesglass with an aluminum ring.

I used:
Tubular Bulb you can use any size that fits in your jar.
Lamp Lead E14

First cut the blank plate to fit the size of the aluminum ring and then cut it through the middle making a hole large enough to fit the lamp holder.
After taken the lamp holder through the hole paste the plate to the aluminum ring securing the lamp holder. When the glue dries screw the bulb, screw the jar and hang it where ever you want!

I hope you like my lamps and my short tutorial. I will appreciate comments and opinions.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ikea Hacker

Ikea plays a big roll on the Scandinavian style around the word. What I like the most about Ikea furniture is the infinity of possibilities to personalise your own stye, according to your needs and likes - the web site Ikea Hackers is one of the best examples.

This is one of my Ikea hacks. I ADORE my Ikea Bonde. I wanted to personalise it with other colors and textures, and finally I found a super solution I am very happy with.

I was visiting a local hardware store and found a laminate vinyl floor that they had on sale: Senso rustic from Gerflor . It has the perfect thickness to cover the bench doors, is easy to cut and self adhesive. Too bad I am not changing the house floor because this was a very smart alternative!

The bench is decorated with blue details from my mom's paintings, the beautiful blue vase from Ikea's True Blue Collection that I got from my good friend Silvia, candles and two cool prints.

I designed the 11A print, our house number, using as a background one of pictures I took last new years eve. The H print is a typographic art print inspired by the Norwegian Rosemaling style from Eva Juliet.

I replace the handlers with this leather pulls using my old belt. I wanted to do this for the longest time!

What do you think about my hack?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Desafío Blad: Estilo Escandinavo

Después de tener una mesa de noche llena de cosas me decidí por algo más sencillo con este taburete de madera natural de Ikea donde solo puedo poner pocas cosas, algo decorativo, un vaso de agua, un libro y mi telefono celular.
After having a night table full of things I decided to go for something simpler with this Ikea wood stool step where I can only put a few things, something decorative, a glass of water, a book and my cell phone.

El espacio es natural, abierto y se ajusta mejor a la nueva imagen de la cabecera de la cama.
The space is natural, open and looks better with the new style of the headboard.

Haga clic {aquí} para ver cómo hice mi lámpara como la mía.
Click {here} to see how I made my lamp.

Con este post participo en el primer desafío del 2003 de BlaD: Estilo Escandinavo.
With this post I am participating in Blad's first 2003 challenge: Scandinavian Style.


Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?
It's plain to see you are the reason that God made a girl.
The most beautiful girl in the world - Prince

Picture taken by my cousin Wil in Cartagena, Colombia.

With this picture of my 98 years old beautiful, fabulous, creative, loving, awesome, and strong maternal grandmother I want to celebrate the Women's Day.
It is a honor to have an amazing role model in my own family and that she is still with us is priceless.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's My Party!

My 2012 Birthday Party!

I still have the best feeling of a warm summer afternoon full with good memories since my last birthday party.

It was a birthday party with a Moroccan theme.

I thought about all the details: flowers, candles, food and music to entertain 12 of my girls, including my mom, in a cozy and relax environment with Moroccan accents. I gathered all the inspiration in a Morocco Pinterest board that I also plan to use for my dream Moroccan patio this summer.

But the biggest girl party is happening right now at the NIB march challenge: Girl Party and there are many inspiring entries!
Are you ready to enjoy the party?

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