Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Playroom Update & Easy DIY

The boy's playroom got an update with a MALM Dressing table from IKEA that they use as a desk.

They can seat on their desk to paint, color, write histories and build their own Legos designs.

To show all their art work they can hang it on a SPONTAN Magnetic board that I decorated with wallpaper from IKEA BRÅKIG Limited edition. We made the magnets with sticks that the boys found on the forest. Just glue the sticks to flat magnets that you can get at any hardware store.

The boy's really enjoy having this space that they can share with their friends and do all their favorite indoor activities.

This spring season feels like a early summer in Norway. I am still working on my health and quality time with my family, but you can follow my interior updates via Instagram! @livingfourseasons

Love ♥ 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pause Effect

This past winter I felt the need to take a break from the blog and re-change my internal and creative batteries. The extra time I spent with with my boys and friends proved to be very optimal.

But creativity never stops and I have been working and improving some spaces around our home.
If you follow me via Instagram @livingfourseasons, you have already seen some of those changes.
I am so ready to come back. See you soon! 
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