Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Carpet Theme Party For a 10 Year Old.

It was a very special occasion so I had to roll the red carpet for my son's 10 years birthday party.
I decorated with some simple details to make it fancy fun.

For the family reunion I decorated with gold balloons and stars hanging from the roof. 

The red table runner is actually gift wrapping paper that I pimped with gold stars.

I made a pennant with pictures of the birthday boy to hang on the window. I also put some pictures over the table, it was nice to look at them and comment some of our boy special moments while we were eating cake.

I personalized chips containers to make it more easy and fun to pick up snacks. Everybody put what they wanted on them. 

Blog mood is up again after a long summer absence. I have more party inspiration to share, personal experiences and ideas. I hope to reach back to my readers. 

See you soon!

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