Tuesday, October 22, 2013

B&W Fall Table Decoration

For my hubby's birthday I decorated a party table with black and white fall details.

It was really fun to paint pumpkin's black. I used spray painting from Clas Ohlson.

I founds this cool napkins at Home & Cottage and the cool sparkler candles at a local hobby store, you can see them in action in the last picture.

Party lights from Ikea.

We had a very nice evening, delicious cakes and beautiful details, but the most important sounder by family and friends.

This last picture was taking by our friend Nicolas Valles

Ps... Go to BoligPlus and vote for your favorite table decoration. I hope you vote for mine!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Interiør & Boligmessen 2013

This year I am part of Bergen's Interior Fair crew. Here are some pictures from behind the scenes.
Tone's colorful cushions at RAMP 42 stand.

Trendy, green and fancy décor from Studio Siw & Sølvberg

And Lisa's RoomDesing stand is shining with this cool lamps.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 14, 2013

IKEA Family Live Magazine

I was very happy when I got a call from IKEA Family Live Magazine!. My home has been chosen to be featured on the October´s magazine norwegian issue. Here are some pictures that didn't get publish and part of the interview in english. 

Our home has a mix of styles, combining colorful Latin American touches and modern Scandinavian ambiance. We wanted to make comfortable spaces to welcome friends and family. In the details we want to show the things that make us a family, things that we are proud of and places we had visited and places we want to visit.

The best thing that we have bought from IKEA is our Bonde bench. I think we bought it just before it went out of production. The dimensions of the bench allow plenty of storage. With time we found a way to personalize it by covering the doors using laminate vinyl floor that was very easy to cut and stick to them. I replace the handlers with this leather pulls using my old belt.

Our home is special because it tells a story about our family. The way we live and the dreams we have. Every room is a complement of our personalities and our wish to welcome in family and friends for dinner and entertainment.

We definitely love to entertain. My husband and I make a great team: as I enjoy putting together special table settings, he loves to hit the kitchen and cook. And after every meal, we have a special house rule: Dance like nobody's watching! In our living room there is always music and plenty of space for dancing. On the plus side, our kids are natural born performers and always have fun putting on shows for our guests.

This was a very nice experience for our family and we got a lot of help from our friends Dulce, Nicolas, Carmen Alicia and Silvia. Thank you guys! 

Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Concrete Pimp

I totally fell for this concrete candle holders that we got at my job. Concrete is perfect for any decoration style.

The concrete natural stone look is nice and minimalist but I like contrast, so I decided to pimp it up with gold paint.

Wish one is your favorite? Natural or Pimp?

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