Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beautiful Simplicity

A few days ago I had the honor to host a birthday party for my good friend Lizlot with common friends and their families.

I put together a simple but beautiful spring-inspired table setting where I used the mason jars that I painted with glitter paint. To complete the festive look I used left overs of an IKEA curtain (Anno Strå) as a table runner. We collected the Coca-Cola glasses after a few visits to MacDonald's during the last Football World Championship. I absolutely like the their shapes and colors.

Con este post quiero participar en el desafío de este mes de Blad: Ideas para Ambientar.
Mi primera idea es pintar cualquier vaso de vidrio que te sobre de la mermelada, mayonesa, compota etc... le dará un look fresco a la mesa y lo puedes usar como florero o ponele una velita, {aquí} pueden ver como pinte los míos. Mi segunda idea es que si tienes un mantel blanco sencillo lo puedes adornar con un camino de mesa único como cualquier retazo de tela de color o de alguna textura. En este caso use un retazo que me sobro de una cortina de panel de Ikea.
Espero que les gusten y ya quiero ver mas ideas para ambientar.

Monday, May 20, 2013

National Day

The 17 of May our family got together to celebrate the National Day of Norway.

After spending the morning at our son's school we went to my parents-in-law for a traditional Norwegian meal, smørbrød, (open sandwich) one piece of bread topped with cold steak, shrimps, smoked salmon, omelet, fenalår, (slices of cured lamb leg) and cold salad.

For desert we had boller (buns) and bløtekake, (cream layer cake).
We are lucky to have a mother-in-law that prepares delicious home made meals.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Since I started blogging I had the opportunity to win some beautiful and special prices via giveaways and competitions.

The last give-away that I was lucky to win was at the blog Forever Love, and it was a gift certificate from Urban Walls. I had won one before and I chose the House Rules decal, but this time it was my hubby who decided to personalized a City Subway Sign with the name of cities that we love and want to go back, and new cities that we want to discover.
Guess where do I want to go soon?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


One of the good things about living in Norway is that I get to celebrate mothers day twice a year. In Colombia is the second Sunday of May and here it is celebrated the Second Sunday of February.

My present this year was the beautiful Botanica (mini) series from the Danish designer Kähler. I got all the vases just in time for my second mother day celebration.

There shapes are so special and in honor of their name, Botanica, I bought these exotic flowers and I have created a small botanical garden in my living room.

Wish you all a nice day,

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"New" Living

I am showing out my "new" living room.

I am so happy with the wall color because my precious oil painting from Colombia comes alive with the new background.
I am going to blog about the details and a few surprises for my readers!.

Visit LFS Facebook page for more pictures.
Happy day!

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