Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Green Love

Before the summer I put this Monstera leaf in one of my favorite vases from TineK Home with a some water. How big was my surprise when I came home for a long two months summer vacation to fine out that the leaf grew roots!

One leaf, so fragile yet so strong!

I just had plat it and hope that it will give me a new Monstera plant.

Pure green love.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

#SoMe_greet Blog Event

What keeps me going and exited about social media is the opportunity to stay in touch with amazing and creative people. Thanks to bloggers like Fabelaktig Maia assisting to blog events have been wonderful experiences. It is impossible to pick up only one good memory from a Fabelaktig event. Not only she shares beautiful gifts from her sponsors, she also keep us inspired with workshops and speeches from talent entrepreneurs.


September 14th I took an airplane to Torp, Sandefjord Airport, 110 kilometers south of Oslo. My lovely blogger friend Linnea was kind to pick me up and we had a road drive to Langesund were we stayed at the Quality Hotel & Resort Skjaergarden. From there we head to the cute town of Brevik. 

This Fabelaktig #SoMe_greet event was hosted at the party shop Festfabriken and we got the opportunity to enjoy all the shop goodies, workshops by Tonerose Design and Unni Strand and inspirational speeches by Anemones Skafferi and Barnelykke

I let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red Carpet Theme Party For a 10 Year Old del 2.

More Red Carpet party inspiration! This time from my boy's party with his classmates.

All the kids got the opportunity to start the party rocking the red carpet as we took their pictures like 
real paparazzi.

 This ticket invitations from Ticket templates are absolute favorites. I only designed the glamourised picture perfect for the party´s theme, print and cut.

The table decorations were simple but very colorful and the large gold-letter balloons in honor of the birthday boy really pop-up under the party tent.

Popcorn cupcakes were a success, decorative and very easy to make. 
You only need mini marshmallows and regular cupcakes. I made chocolate and vanilla. Use clean scissors to cut an X shape on one side of the marshmallow. Put icing on the top of the cupcakes and press the mini marshmallows so the cupcake looks like a popcorn bag. Try blowtorching the marshmallows for natural popcorn look.

I used templates from Firsgradeteacherlady for fun party activities like giving student awards and personalize VIP back stage passes.

This was a really fun and memorable party! They kids enjoyed the food, the sweets and danced until their parents came to pick them up.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Color In The Bedroom

I am happy to enter this month NIB challenge "Color in the bedroom" with pictures of my boys blue bedroom.

You can say that this may look like coming from an IKEA catalog; Guilty!  We found there practical furniture, perfect for our boys and in our budget. We chose blue no because the conception that is a gender color but because after some research we found out that those with bedrooms in blue tones tend to get the best rest and wake up feeling happy and positive. We painted the walls with Clas Ohlson's painting Blue Sky.

For more color in the bedroom inspiration go to NIB. I am already inspired for my next projects one of them our master bedroom!

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