Friday, January 17, 2014


Me alegra mucho descubrir blogs hispanos que comparten ideas y estilos originales! Escribir y comentar en mi lengua materna es mucho mas fácil. Uno de estos blogs es Petite Candela. Su ultima idea "#decopedia", tiene el todo el espíritu social y creativo por las cuales yo empece mi blog. Cada blog de decoración que quiera unirse a la "#decopedia" tendrá que publicar un post de acuerdo con el tema del mes.
I am delighted to find Hispanic blogs that share ideas and original styles! To write and comment in my native language is much easier for me. One of these blogs is Petite Candela. His latest idea "#decopedia" defines the social and creative spirit of the reason I started my blog. "#decopedia" is a concept where each decoration blog that wants to join have to publish a post every month about an specific theme. This theme is determined by Petite Candela.

Empezamos el mes de Enero el tema: Casas Vestidas Para El Frió.
We started the month of January with the theme: "Homes dressed for the winter season"

Pues en este momento esta haciendo mucho frió por aquí arriba en el norte y mi sala esta llena de cojines, cobijas, lanas y velas. Una mezcla de lo nórdico con colores cálidos para un ambiente acogedor.
It is very cold rigth now up here in the North and my living room is full of cushions, blankets, wool and candles. A mixture of Nordic and warm colors for a cozy contrast.

Me gusta incorporar en la decoración maderas, ramas, pinos y flores que se encuentra en esta temporada.
To bring nature inside, I incorporate wood, branches, pine and flowers that are in season.

Un bonito día frió es un día con luz que me permita disfrutar la vista de la montañas cubiertas de nieve.
A nice cold day is a brigth and clear and allows me to enjoy the view of the mountains covered in snow.

Espero que les guste mi post. Poco a poco iré visitando y descubriendo nuevos blogs hispanos.
Hope you like my post. No doubt I will continue visiting and discovering new hispanic blogs.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Clean Start

NIB wants to prove that not every blog has the same style. Things make look the same in one picture, but if you look really close you can see something meaningful that shows a personal touch.

NIB January challenge is A clean start: show us your kitchen.

Versatility is the word I would use to describe our kitchen: simple details keep the room accessible for everyday use and at the same time, it turns into a more "fancy" area  for family and friends entertainment.

I found out that yellow is a very appetizing color and has become an absolute to use in the kitchen. I have plans to change the white kitchen cabinets to yellow, but until that times comes I  have yellow details around the dinner table.

A practical tool I came up with was the kitchen tray: in fact this is an old pizza plate that I have painted black and where we keep oil, salt and other cooking essentials totally accessible.

What I am most proud in my kitchen is the original oil painting, called "bodegon" and it is inspired by the Colombian cuisine.  It was painted by a local artist from my home town.

Visit NIB and get inspired by creative bloggers!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two Years Living Four Seasons

It makes me very happy to welcome 2014 celebrating Living Four Seasons two years anniversary.

Thank you for making blogging a creative social media experience!

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