Thursday, June 27, 2013

Special Tray

Do you have a special tray? One of those trays where you set display some nice things? a tray you like to decorate with different candle holders or vases on the dinner table? or maybe a tray you want to fill with beautiful flowers in the sofa table? I was looking for a special tray for the kitchen in different interior stores and it happened that I had it all the time and didn't know it!

Cleaning some kitchen drawers I found an old round pizza tray. We haven't use since my hubby started making square pizzas, and when I saw it... "pling!" an idea came to mind. With only a slight coat of black paint after l polished it, Voila!... I got a fancy tray that I could put on the dinner table or the kitchen counter, and where I can group kitchen essentials like salt, olive oil, sauces, etc... Beautiful and practical!

In my tray I have right now this cute green plant that my younger son brought from school, (I don't know what kind is it!, do you?), an Ikea bright yellow napkin holder that I got from my friend Silvia, a stylish and practical Eva Solo porcelain mortar and Jme products that I got from Amundsen Special at the Sommerkos in Haugesund.

I like to buy beautiful new things but reusing is more fun! Like decorating with this piece of wood from my hubby's grandparents backyard and the old wood chopping board that I got from a friend. Together they make a cool contrast to the black tray and the rest of the kitchen.

P.S. My next post is going to be a bit "greener" that this one!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Between Heaven and Earth...

...there is a beautiful place call Norway.

We took this beautiful summer pictures during a trip last weekend to Ustaoset and Geilo.

We were invited to a cozy hut by our good friends Dulce and Nicolas. We had a wonderful family weekend. Saturday evening my hubby delighted us with a fantastic dinner.

Although we are in summer time, there are still some stunning ice layers in the mountains.
On our way back home we made one stop to take pictures.
The Norwegian landscape is every photographer dream.

Hope you like this pictures of beautiful Norway.
Wish you a happy weekend.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Batman Birthday Party

When boys are 9 years old they know what they want to do and play during their birthday parties. This year my son Daniel wanted to be and play like his favorite super hero: Batman.

The hero-adventure started with me going out to two different parts of the city searching for Batman party supplies. But I found NADA! So I had to put my favorite costume on: DIY Mom!
The only things I finally bought were plain cups and plates, the balloons where a gift from my local toy store! and with the help of Pinterest I got a lot of practical ideas.

To decorate the cups I printed the Batman logo that I found on the blog The Mathews Family Happenings on Avery's sticker project paper, pasted on the cups and with a white marker I wrote the name of each guest. For the Batman masks I used {this} template and I put crayons on the table so the boys could decorate them as well as Batman coloring pages.

My biggest project for this party was the Gothic City background witch I made inspired by the blogger Mom and the Blonds. I made my using cardboard boxes that I collected at work. I painted some in blue for the sky and the rest in black after I cut out the building shapes. For the yellow windows I printed out yellow squares in the Avery sticker project paper and pasted them on the black painted cardboard. We used the Gothic background for a fun photo-shoot.

The Super hero food for this party was hamburgers and my son´s favorite birthday cake: Skillingsboller Kake; {here} you can read more about this special cake.

I also made Super hero Popcorn holders using a very funny comic page that I found in Papergreat. I printed the page in black and white, rolled it and secured it with tape. The boys loved this idea and I am sure I am going to used it again. Funny enough, after eating all the popcorn they all tried to read the content of the page.

Wow! It was a really fun party and there is only one week for the next one!
Which Super Hero is going to help me this time?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Party - Sommerkos på Haugalandet

"Sommerkos på Haugalandet" was an amazing party!

Fabelaktig Maia and MittSitt Karianne did a fantastic job putting together a wonderful afternoon that it's going to be very difficult to forget.

Designer Kristine Vikse and Cathrine from Bryllupsbyrået came to the party to inspire us.

We also got to taste delicious sweets from a local bakery and Eva Marianne and Trond told us about their firm, Amundsen special, that imports yummy food products.

Between all the goodies the most fun was to socialize with 49 creative girls!

I just have to show you this pictures of Karianne! She is such a beautiful person and her house was a  reflection of her personality.

Thanks' to my partners in crime drommenombadekar Kristine and  i vinduskarmen Veronika for a safe and fun trip from Bergen to Haugesund! We made it with 49 Clas Ohlson lamps in the trunk of the car :)

This are some pictures I found in the blogs: Tretoen,
Med blanke ark and the Folding Chair where you can see how much fun I was having!

Can't wait for the next blog party! I may organize one in my house ;)

Kähler Botanica

Botanica Mini is one of Kählers success Spring news.

The vases can work together but they are also beautiful alone or combined in different ways. I like them all and I think it's difficult to pick a favorite. Visit Kählers website for more information about this decorative vases.

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