Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY with buttons

Trend or not I am into the yellow wave! I I bought two yellow cushions from Åhlens, one for the living room and the other one for the TV room, where we already have four cushions from Åhlens in red, orange, blue and purple :) Who says NO to buy one for 99kr or two for 149kr!

I got inspired from other blogs and designs with the peace symbol and did a make over to a old simple cushion. I collected all the buttons that I found around the house including spare buttons of jackets, blouses, pants... etc... I paint a circle on the fabric and I draw the peace symbol. Then I align the buttons and sewed them one by one.

I had so much fun doing this little project! It took me only few hours :)  and love the result.

Fabelaktive Maia has a challenge were you can show your favorite cushion!
Click {here} so you can show yours!
An {here} you can participate in my give-away!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Tuesday

My boys came home with not one, not two, but three surprises for me :)


Oskar made Fastelavensris, cute decorations to welcome easter

And my mothers day/valentine present :)
A Kelly Moore 2 Sues Mustard foto bag for my new camera!
I am so happy I chose this color, it is fresh and will look great with all of my outfits.

Thank you Gus, Dan & Osk
And you that visit my blog thank for your comments! That makes me so happy.

One Subject - Multiple Angles

The blog Svenngaarden has the prefect challenge to test my Nikon camera:
One Subject - Multiple Angles
Our living room has a lot of natural light during the day thanks to the big windows and the high ceiling. Picture 1 is taken from the kitchen, and it shows all the elements of our living room. On the right is the balcony and to the left the stairs and the TV room. Picture 4 is taking from the master bedroom.

Learning how to use my new camera keeps me busy these days.
I begin with the rehabilitation of my right foot next week and I can't wait to walk normal and take some pictures outside even that I know that my left foot is next!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The postman came by...

... my house with my Nikon D5100!

A picture that captures everything that we want to say and that we want to give is priceless!
Do you want to know where my new camara comes from? Se here and here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart You

The valentine bug bite me hard and I got the fever. I couldn't resist to it and I had to make something sweet for my hubby that have been extra nice with me since my operation.

Fabelaktig Maia made a presentation about how to make this valentine print that I think it is prefect for every occasion because it is easy to personalize. Pinteres is a good place to get more lovely maps ideas.

Wish you all a nice Thursday

With Love

Happy Valentine

Home is where your heart is

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabelaktig Prize

Thank you very much to Fabelaktig Maia and Nikon Norway for choosing my picture.
It feels like Christmas all over again :)

The fabulous prize is a Nikon D5100
I am getting ready to have it in my hands and star shooting!

Includes effects like selective color that lets you isolate up to three different colors in a scene and the rest of the image is captured in black and white, color sketch creates a colorful sketched drawing of the scene and many other in-camera effects to choose from! So cool!

And HD movie recording!
It has it all.

The boys and I are going to celebrate with Friday's pizza night.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Time flyes... my little boy Oskar is going to have his last karneval at the kindergarten!
It is a february tradition here in Norway for the kids to dress up and have a party. He is going to dress like Spiderman or Batman... he is not sure yet and the party is tomorrow! But no way he is going to make me decide for him. His independence makes me happy and nostalgic at the same time.
My older son Daniel had his first Carnaval when he was 3 years old and his favorite character was Mickey Mouse.

Mickey is a mouse, but he wears normal clothes, so it is a very easy costume every one can DIY!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY & Budget

This is the result of an idea that you can say: started in the bathroom.. hihihihi...
I've got my boys to help me collect toilet paper rolls, I was thinking to create wall art like I have seen in Pinterest. Nice decoration ideas for everyone budget and a very good recycling idea!

 The result is this chain. I wanted to make it easy with out using glue or paint and thought about using just tape for color it and to put them together.
I cut the rolls using the same width of the tape. The tape I use is markeringstape from Søstrene Grene, (that cost from nok 1,22). Put the tape on the paper leaving a tab and roll it around. Use the tab to assure and form a ring. Now do the same with another color but before assuring pass it thru your first ring.

Do you like it?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mi casa es su casa

After 10 wonderful years living in our cosy apartment we moved to a beautiful, brand new tomannsbolig, (duplex house), at the end of may 2010. It has everything we wanted in a house and more because the only thing to do was to move in and enjoy it. After almost two years living here we have made some changes inside and outside and we have more plans to improved it.

It's a two levels house, five bedrooms, two complete bad rooms,(one of them is private for the master bedroom), open plan kitchen living room combined and three storage rooms.

 I will be updating pictures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabelaktig Konkurranse: Your Best Interior Picture

One of the pictures that I took during 2011 Christmas dinner that I host for my girlfriends is between Fabelaktig's 10 favorites photo competition:
Your best interior picture/Ditt beste interiørbilde

I am extremely happy about this because behind this photo were twelve fabulous girlfriends of mine getting ready to enjoy a delicious dinner that me and my husband prepared with great care and because there were more than 300 contributions to Maias competition.

Ønsker alle deltakerne lykke til!

Update here: I won - Jeg vant - Yo gané ♥
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