Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Table

Already in November we had our first Christmas dinner with friends. I understand that we have to take a grip of every opportunity to bet together and celebrate life and friendship.

As always my hubby and I made a good team. While he cooks a delicious dinner I decorate the dinner table with beautiful details but simple to make room for conversation. In this post you can see how I put together the mason jars candle holders.

For this occasion my mother in law made her famous "Unni Cake". A delicious fruit cake with cream and almond base. Would you like me to share the recipe? Leave me a comment if you do so!


  1. Me encanto Vicky! el detalle de las velas arriba de los jarros y las cintas ! me gustan las mesas fuera de lo común! yo también tuve que poner una mesa de navidad que pronto sale en el blog y es bien diferente!
    un beso!

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